Time, Well, Spent.

I don’t go shopping often because I’m lazy and I hate trying clothes on (lazy x2). On the weekend I took myself out for a treat and bought some of my favorite items of clothing to wear  – tunics, dresses, flowy sweaters, tights and leggings. Hello comfort, my old friend. I even stepped up my game and bought sparkly Bobby pins! *brushes shoulder off, not really understanding why*

Excited, I dumped the clothes onto the bed to have a look at what I bought. Where will I wear these pretty clothes?! Under my snowpants for the morning walk to school? Maybe around the house for my toddler to wipe his filthy hands on? So many options! 

Pondering my choices and mentally rearranging my closet led me to sitting down in bed, which led to laying down in bed ,which finally led to me pushing all of my new clothes onto the floor because Mama needed a nap. 

The floor is not my domain, I lost rights to that territory a long time ago.  If something is on the floor, the dog, cat, and kid battle it out for what’s rightfully theres. 

There can only be one winner. Since the cat can easily get onto the bed and we only let the toddler sleep on the floor on Thursdays (just kidding…relax), Cashy Washy won.

What I really went shopping for was a new dog bed.

Enjoy Cash, it’s all yours. If it doesn’t fit you have 14 days to exchange but the colors suit you just fine. 

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