There She Grows

I like to take up hobby’s and quit them. Not because I’ve given up on myself but because I’m lazy.

My seasonal hobby is gardening. It’s almost perfect for me.  Very lazy-friendly. When spring comes, I can buy plants or try my hand at some indoor planting. When it’s really nice, I can move everything outside and let nature handle do its business all over my greenery. Every once in a while during the summer, I’ll hit up Lowe’s and buy some plants that are on sale/dying and plant them in the yard. Again, their survival is up to nature, I just like to dig.  When fall comes, I forget about the entire gardening process until the sun shines past 5 p.m. again.

I’m not so sure that’s how real gardeners roll but I do what I want.

This spring I’ve been trying my hand at growing vegetables from scraps.  As you may have noticed from me mentioning the on sale and near death plants, I am cheap. Thrifty. Not because I’m great with money but because I spent a lot of time being terrible with money.  I started a regrow station on my dining room table.  It’s a good daylight location and it’s out of reach from the cat and dogs little paws. “Regrow station” is a nice way of saying I put a big box in the middle of the kitchen table.  It’s hideous but it takes up space where I normally throw the mail I don’t want to read and bills I don’t want to pay.

My station started out with a celery stump, yellow onion, green onion, red onion, zucchini, potato, cucumber seeds, pepper seeds, avocado seed, and parsley.

Regrow Station 03.24

I put the pepper seeds on a plate to dry, same with the cucumber seeds. The avocado pit went into a small glass jar filled with water, toothpicks inserted on 4 sides to keep the pointed end in the water, and the old potato slices with a few eyes already growing were set out to dry.  The celery, onions, zucchini and parsley were all placed with the roots in water, not completely submerged. I kept a little spray bottle nearby for spritzing the outside of the veggies in water from drying out.  I checked on them every few days to make sure there was water in the dishes and looked for progress.

It helps to have a giant box on the table in the kitchen (where I spend half my days) – hard to forget to follow-up.

Regrow Station 04.02

After a couple of weeks, I had to say goodbye to a few scraps.  The red onion, zucchini, parsley and cucumber seeds didn’t make the cut.   Not enough roots for the initial three, they just turned to mush.  The cucumber seeds stuck to the clay plate – would have been smarter to use a glass dish. Live and learn.  My potatoes have sprouted, my onions are flourishing and my celery is reaching for the sky!  No action from the avocado or pepper seeds, I’m going to give them some time. Let them ponder on whether or not they want to show their shy, leafy selves to the sun. I dunno what I’m talking about, that’s how gardeners talk in my head.

Check out that onion!
Look at those potato leaves! How do potatoes even grow? Is it underground and you pick it? I’m afraid to google it and discover I’m not really growing a potato.


Over here stalkin’ my celery. GARDEN JOKE.

Oh, hello, my little green friends.




Check out those roots!

















Growing my own green onion will save me approximately $5 a year, at most. It’s not just about the money. Is it? No, it’s more about giving me a reason to keep the box out.

At the end of the day, my yard always has weeds that I can pull. That also counts as exercise and makes you look like a good neighbor. Little tip from me to you.

What about you guys, any gardening tips or tricks? Will you be growing anything this year?  If you’re a seasoned gardener, let me know! I’d like to grow something fun like strawberries or a giant peach. Kind of like James but without the huge talking bugs.

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