New Year, Who Dis?

We did it Y’all. Another 365 days ’round. It wasn’t easy but it never is, is it?

I hope your NYE went just as you wanted it to go. I saw so many pics of my peeps partying it up, looking beautiful and smiles lit up (some just lit, you know), and I was thrilled to see everyone so happy.

We spent our night chilling at home with the kids. I woke up miserable that morning due to lack of sleep (see teething baby). I really wasn’t sure how the night was going to end up but I managed to have a nice, long, late nap with the baby and that turned the day around for me. After a run to the grocery store for some snacks, I was ready to ring in the new year.

A few days ago, I mentioned to my step-kid that we should sing karaoke on her machine for NYE. When the day arrived she let me know she hadn’t forgotten.  Do they ever forget? Only when you ask them to clean their rooms.  We belted out a few numbers, to my son’s dismay, and I brought the house DOWN.  The kids were in awe of my amazing singing and neighbors came by to ask for my autograph!


I let my diva out and the kids were definitely staring at me but it might not have been in the awe. More like aw man, what does she really think she’s doing?  No shame in my game! I had a blast and the kids had a good laugh.

We had an early countdown for the little man around 11 pm so he could participate before he went to bed (later than we anticipated, the plan was 9pm…oops). I think I forgot who my kid is and what he likes. His favorite part of staying up late was the potato chips. His least favorite?  The countdown.

I love my child.

The rest of us played Monopoly Jr. for the rest of the evening.   You can tell how it went by the looks on our faces.  For real, it went quite well considering how Monopoly goes.  No one cried, no screams, not a single soul tossed the board or threw their cards/money someone’s face. Success! It was a chill (and sober) night, not unlike any other night, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Well, I would have bought licorice. That’s it though.

I didn’t really make any resolutions, I feel like the word itself makes me feel pressured and overwhelmed. Accountability is good and challenging yourself is great though, so I’m here for that!  I’ll just call ’em goals to make myself feel better.   I definitely want to do the standard eat better/exercise more, and finish the decluttering I started in 2017.  I started off 2018 by cleaning the kitchen this morning and spending time with the kids.  This means I am eating the junk food that is leftover from last night (hey now, I gotta give myself a chance for a fresh start)  and I am seriously regretting letting my kids stay up so late because all the whining and fighting is getting on my nerves.   Last year, I committed myself to writing daily.  Whether it was on the blog, Instagram, something personal, I wrote.  This year I’m definitely going to do the same but this time around I’m going to give myself specific short-term writing goals.   I’ve got some ideas in my mind but I’m keeping those under my hat.

Here’s to another year of love, light, and personal growth!

Let me know if you made any awesome resolutions/goals you’d like to share with me!

Thanks for stopping by pals! xxx

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