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I’ve said it a million times before.

Everyday I say, today will be the day.

Today I’ll make the change.

I’ll go for that walk or run.  I’ll sit down at my desk and finish writing.

Finally join a playgroup so my kid and I can make friends.

But another day passes and still, no change.

Every night I reflect. Compare what I’ve actually done in comparison to the promises made.

I make excuses for myself and wipe the slate clean.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day.


2. Facade

Talisa tried to clear her mind, shake loose the menacing feelings that followed her from the beach.  Hunter would be home soon and if she didn’t want him worrying about her. His constant state of concern was only out of love, that he cared for her greatly and didn’t want to ever see her hurt or afraid but she felt silly at the thought of explaining why she was anxious. She scolded herself for being so foolish and told herself aloud that she’d better get supper on the table.  Talia pressed play on her phone and let the music take up space in the house that the mouth-watering smell of pot roast hadn’t occupied.

“Hey, boo!” Talisa jumped, startled out of her daze. “Did i scare you?” Hunter said, stifling a laugh as best he could.  He knew he startled her; she could be staring directly at the door and a person enter through it and still manage to jump out of her skin.

“Me? Never!” She grinned at him, so relieved to see his face. “How was work, you had a big meeting in the city, right?”  Hunter kicked off his shoes off while walking across the living room to the kitchen to give her a kiss on the forehead, like he always does, and pulled Talisa in close for a hug.  She always felt comforted by his embrace, albeit it a little fatherly than lover-like.  “Yup! Back to back to back.” He took a deep  breath, taking in Talisa and the roast, “Everything smells delicious.”  She buried her head in his neck , noting how cool his skin felt, thinking he must have been driving with the windows down despite the chill. They stood close, arms wrapped around each other, swaying with the music. “And how was your day?” “Same as always!  Write, read, relax, repeat,” she replied with a grin.  “Dont forget cook – this all looks delicious!” he said, stepping away from her and looking around the room. “I’m going to head upstairs to wash up and change before we eat, that okay?” She nodded, leaning to give him a quick kiss. “Are you sure everything is alright? Today was okay?” he asked again with a slight concerned tone. Talisa’s thoughts quickly went back to the beach, the feeling of dread returning quickly and settling in with plans to stay.  She knew something wasn’t right. Something…someone…was back.  Not a trick of the eye or a glimmer in the distance.  Until she knew what it was, or who it was, she would keep it to herself.

She smiled, bright and wide, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and squeezing him tight.   “Don’t worry,” she said through a forced grin, staring out of the window behind him and into the darkness. “Business as usual.”


via Daily Prompt: Facade


1. Unfinished


Waves softly crashed onto the beach, rolling back into the sea, gently pulling the pebbles, sand and seaweed that washed up with it.  Over and over again. The waves would take back with it the very thing it left.  Almost a game.  Here’s your freedom. Oh, I forgot, it’s mine.  Talisa was familiar with the game of give and take. Suddenly, she jerked her head to the side, a sudden movement far in the distance catching her eye.  She saw a glimmer of…something… in the grass, then it was gone. The boardwalk was clear and no noises besides the sounds of the sea.  The sun was settling on the horizon now, maybe it was just a reflection of sun on the sea. Trying to convince herself this was the case, a chill went up her spine. Despite being an unusually warm evening, she wrapped her shawl around her shoulders a little tighter. Keeping her eyes focused in the distance, she scolded herself, shaking her head slightly, reminding herself it was likely nothing. Just a trick of the eye.  She decided it was time to get moving anyhow, it would be dark soon.  Talisa slipped on her sandals and quickly made her way to the rocky path behind her that led to the house, just a stones throw away.  She knew she was being silly and she shouldn’t worry… but decided to run down the path anyhow and told herself not to look back.

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Daily Prompt: Stump

When Mr. Wallaby ran down the street that day

Why, not a soul in the town ever saw him that way!

He seemed quite disturbed, maybe even in fright

The look on his face, so pale, what a sight

The townspeople yelled “Mr. Wallaby, stop!”

But Mr. Wallaby did not give the idea one second thought

For he knew what he’d done would never be forgiven

He knew he must leave, a crime he committed.

A brief moment passed, all looking quite stumped

Why would Wallaby leave? What could he have done?

Then they looked down the road, where they saw him run from.

oh no! They all cried and they too turned to flee

For Wallaby had caused quite the melee.

You see

The town, it was magic, for one special tree

This tree, you see, stopped the shortage of bees!

It gave them a home, every single one!

The honey, bumble and carpenters ones!

The townspeople saw the tree, now  just a stump


what did Mr. Wallaby do?!


***that’s all my brain can do at almost 1am**


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Daily Prompt: Recharge

Another loss. Although it’s my body, it’s not my choice.  They tell me it wasn’t meant to be, that it’s for the best. This baby is in heaven with the others I’ve lost, safe with God, or whoever it is you believe in. I know that it’s true, a life here on earth wasn’t destined to be, this child might have suffered too greatly if he or she could have made it.

The attempts at comfort and compassion can’t take away the ache I have for a baby, to carry, to hold and to love.  But they help.  They remind me to be gentle with myself, take time, find focus and recharge. Because this isn’t where my journey ends.

via Daily Prompt: Recharge


Everyone talks about balance. Balance in their lives, balance between work and home – as my doctor says “weight management is all about balance”. Okay Doc.

That’s a skill I haven’t mastered and I doubt I ever will.   I mean, sure, I manage to get it done (Get ‘er Done for my east coast peeps), but I’m too driven by emotion.  I like to live my days out according to feeling. Do I feel like going for a walk? Do I feel like writing? Do I feel like putting on pants? Do I feel like eating donuts? HAH. I always feel like eating donuts.

How does this factor in with a 9-5 life? What if your9-5 stifles your creative need to feel.  What do you do? How do you achieve and maintain balance?