Can’t win ’em all

A few months ago, my son started being afraid of his dark bedroom at bedtime. Despite numerous blankies, teddies, nightlights, and reassurances, he’s still scared.  All of those airplanes, buses, ice cream trucks and firetrucks he loves so much are starting to come to haunt him in his dreams … way to turn a love into a fear, brain!  So I tried to explain that what he’s seeing are shadows in the room and the things in his dreams being made up by his imagination and they aren’t real.  I was pretty proud of myself until he started telling us that he’s afraid of his “magimation” (imagination).


Recently, we’ve been dealing with a doo-doo in the underwear issue.  Basically, my kid is constipated and has been skid marking his undies. (Yes, we went to the doctor, thanks for asking! We also feed him lots of fiber-rich foods and water, thanks for suggesting!) This morning, me being sick of poop stains and just generally tired, I had my son sit on the toilet with the iPad so he would actually stay there instead of hopping off after 1 minute.

Brilliant, I know. It totally worked, he sat there for 20 minutes and finally had a poo! It’s the little things that make my day.  As a token of my gratitude, I gave him potty candies aka fruit snacks.  Instead of the usual 1 candy, I gave him the entire package of about 8 candies. He was beside himself with joy.  While sitting at the table savoring his well-earned reward of fruit snacks and looking out the window at the grey gloomy sky, he declared “today is a beautiful day”.  My child, that he is. Candy makes the day seem bright.

To my son who might be reading this in the future, I’m sorry for airing out your dirty laundry (pun intended) and I hope this doesn’t affect your chances to become PM.

It’s Friday and I could use a laugh, we all could! Please share some cute/funny things your kids said or did this week or some personal parenting wins!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. I was a little worried at the part of the story where you gave him all 8 fruit snacks and then, he was sitting at the table, and then… they lived happily ever after! Lovely!!

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