August 15

There were a few things I wanted to post about before the year ended.  I definitely didn’t write as much as I wanted to these past few months, I severely underestimated how exhausting and time consuming all these kids would be. I’m sorry, but how the heck was I to know that they would need something every single day at all times?

One thing I wanna talk about my birth experience with Ruby. I owe my homegirl that.

Mah boo

So let’s take it back.  My Mom was out here visiting, awaiting Ruby’s arrival.  We had a full day of play with Theo on the 14th of August and made plans to take the kids to the zoo the following day (I was determined to walk this baby out).

Large and in charge the day before Rubys arrival.

I said goodnight to my Mom and she went to sleep and I went for my nightly bath. I’m so old, I have nightly baths.  I’m sorry, but what the hell else do grown ass women do? It’s my favorite Netflix and reading spot!

After the bath, I hit the couch with some chips and some Netflix and started having some slow and mild cramping but nothing I was concerned about. Around 2 am on the 15th my contractions started to feel more intense, so much so that I had to walk around and actually focus on my breathing.  I think it was around then that my Mom heard me, because she silently appeared in the doorway, wide-eyed with her hair wrap on.  I assured her all was well and sent her back to bed, I knew there wasn’t anything to be done.  Around 4 am, I woke Doug and told him I was in labor but it wasn’t time yet.  It was around 5 am that we realized we should probably take this show to the hospital.

Let me tell you something, the staff at the hospital were AMAZING.  They let me check in close to 6 am instead of sending me home until I was further along (I was only 1 cm).  I didn’t have Ruby until 11:11 pm. That is a long day to put up with all of us.  They managed and they were absolutely lovely.

I mean, I was lovely, of course.  As lovely as you can be going through labor, hopped up on painkillers (alllllll the painkillers), and unable to leave the bed.  My mother thought she was a feature character on Grey’s Anatomy and kept requesting additional information on how things worked so she could monitor the situation.  At one point, my mother blasted Salt n Pepa’s Push It on the loudspeaker for encouragement.  She also took photos of me during contractions.


Memories I will treasure forever.

It was around 10 pm when I was struggling to keep from pushing during contractions because the baby wasn’t ready.  I was positive I wasn’t going to reach 10cm.  I’d already had two epidurals and was huffing so much gas that I was hallucinating conversations with celebrities.  I kept waiting for the doc to come in and tell me to prep for c-section number 2 and eventually she did arrive, but to tell me it was time to push. I couldn’t believe it but I was so ready to get ‘er done!

I don’t know when we decided it but we decided to videotape the main event.  We set up my Mom’s iPad on a table and aimed it at my crotch that was up in the air.  I have a strong recollection of me snapping at Doug and my Mom because they kept leaving their posts of my knee support to adjust the iPad. I DO NOT CARE ‘BOUT NO IPAD GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME. I definitely remember a look between the two of them.

Like I said, making memories.

The time had come and it was time to push.  I had to ask the nurse to tell me when I was having a contraction and it was time to push Y’all.  I was so far gone. Sooooo exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and ready. But push I did.  I pushed for about 20 minutes to a half hour.  On that last push, that doctor snatched that baby out of me. It was amazing! Snatching babies and taking names!

Oh, hello there!

The next bit is a blur. I know that I got to have skin to skin with her.  Shortly after she came out, she stopped breathing.  Not for a long time in medical terms but in Momma terms it was an eternity. I could see the fear on Doug’s face and I immediately started crying and calling out to anyone to tell me if she was okay. Eventually (honestly, it could have been right away but it didn’t feel like it), the doctor said she had some fluid in her lungs and they had to suction it out and keep an eye on her vital signs for the following 5 – 20 minutes. Again, no clue how long this process took, seemed like forever.  I was reassured that she was fine and they had no need to further monitor her and that sometimes “it happens”.   The staff did a really great job of explaining everything to me but I definitely cannot relay or recall that information.  I needed a nurse to show me how to breastfeed again. I was a wreck. An elated and overjoyed wreck.

At the end of the day, and it was a long friggin day., she arrived at 11:11 pm and she was a healthy baby girl. My little Rubes. My rainbow. My littlest love.  She loves having her Mommy around and even though she keeps me from doing a lot of things (it took me 2 days to write this because my little babe wants to hold my hand) I wouldn’t change one single thing. <3 <3 <3

I love hearing birth stories! Please share yours with me, here or privately, if you’re comfortable! Let’s bond in the wonder of pain and birth. <3

Thanks for reading, friends!


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