She took a deep breath, sensing the shift in the room. Their eyes all darted back and forth, from her, and to each other, eventually resting on the clock. Looking nervous and, seemingly, holding their breath, they looked down at their blank papers and quickly scribbled a name.

A quick glance up at the clock, she knew her time had run out. Rather than have her fate decided for her, she knew it was her moment to make a choice.  When she sat up straight and cleared her throat, a few of them jumped, expecting her to contest.

She told the group, “I’ll do it. I volunteer.”  Sighs of relief immediately echoed through the room, small smiles breaking through.  She thought of her family – her husband and kids… is this the right decision? It was too late now…..

“And we have this years elementary school Parent Advisory Committee president!”, someone gleefully cried out!  They all clapped and she grimaced….

….what did she do….

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How are you handling life?

This sums up how I’m dealing with things right now:img_5379


I don’t care that you can see me because I’m pretending I can’t see you.

I’m taking a page from the ‘ol puppers today.  Tomorrow, i’ll come out from behind the curtain and resume regular life-handling activities.

Wait. Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday is a day of rest.

Monday it is.

You can have feelings, just not too much


Don’t feel too much.

Like, you can grieve. But don’t grieve for too long.

Get back into your work and move on.

Hey, you can be depressed.  But don’t be depressed for too long.

You can’t be too sad, just get outside, go see some friends.

Now look, you’re allowed to be sad. But don’t be sad for too long.

You gotta just pick your head up, think about something else!

Go to the gym, take a walk, figure it out but shake that shit off!

Of course, don’t be silly, you’re allowed to have feelings!

But …. that’s way too much.  I think you should have gotten over it by now.


So, I think you’re just faking.  Or dragging it out.  So it’s time to cut it out.

No one feels that much.

Can’t go back

shortly after this photo, he forgot he didn’t have back support and rolled right off the bench. it was hilarious.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the midst of a life changing moment. It’s either that or I’m going to make a really bad decision.

All I know for sure, I’m done missing moments like this.

Ps – as soon as Tdawg hit the ground after rolling off the bench he promptly exclaimed,

“I’m okay, I’m okay!”

There’s a life lesson in here somewhere, I know it….

Maybe you don’t eat that 3rd donut

if you eat them fast, the calories dont count

I can gauge the success of my day based on the amount of over-eating i did or did not do.

Yesterday, I received a request for a job interview and felt confident on 2 others I applied to, the kids all played together nicely with relatively no fighting AND, when I put my toddler to bed, it only felt like I was wrestling a small honey badger into bed instead of the usual grizzly bear.


This means I only ate 1 taco for dinner instead of my usual 4, a small handful of candies (really very small. seriously!) and a (chocolate covered) granola bar as a treat!  Not great but whateves, this isn’t Jenny Craig up in here.

Today,  I found out the job I was contacted about has already been filled so an interview isn’t required, received another “you’re not what we’re looking for” application response and my toddler would NOT go to bed until 10:30pm due to an accidental time-out turned nap.


So, I went to Timmy’s (Tim Hortons for you unlucky souls who haven’t been blessed with the Timbit) and I bought myself 3 donuts and 2 cookies.   I shoved one donut in my mouth then another, crumbs and tears falling down my face.  I was seriously a glorious sight, singing along to LL Cool J with a mouth full of Apple Pie Fritter.

I was on that 3rd donut, sitting in the parking lot of the drug store waiting for my Attivan prescription to be filled  (yup, it’s been that kind of day) and I started to think about why I’m bummed.

I’m bummed because I didn’t get the job I really didn’t want in the first place.  I’m stressed because I’m working at a job I never wanted and don’t enjoy.  I’m overwhelmed because I want to take a risk and do something else and try living for life and not for work.

When I came home, instead of wallowing in self-pity (Pity Party for 1 Please!), I joined a business conference call at the request of a friend. And I’m so glad I did.  I ended today feeling something I haven’t felt. Maybe it’s that inspiration that I’m not familiar with?! I’ll have to keep an eye on it, might just be gas…

I think I needed today to happen.  I needed a little bit of light on the path, to show me it’s the right one.  Or at the very least, I needed these jobs that I don’t want to reject me.  To push me towards the realization of what will make me happiest.  And what won’t.

And hey, maybe I didn’t need that 3rd donut.  At least that 3rd donut let me know that I definitely did not need those cookies (and I should not eat those cookies if i want the donuts to stay down).

Tomorrow I’m going to work on Apples and Oranges instead.  Out with the old, right?

But today is still today and there are chips in the cupboard and i would hate for them to go to waste…..i’ll pair them with a banana.

It’s all about balance.

Puddles and Playgrounds

Cold and rainy days are perfect for snuggles and Seinfeld. Or sandwiches and Sopranos, depending on who you are. Today my son taught me that days like these are also for puddles and playgrounds.

As soon as he saw the slide from the window he yelled and pointed,


That one means I must have that/I must go there/We must see that. Reading toddlers wants and needs is a fine-tuned skill. I hope to have my diploma by the time he turns 17.

Since I’ve been wallowing in self-pity for the past 3 days (see Recharge) and haven’t been the best Mom (although, we DID just come from McDonalds, sooooo…..), I figured I owed the kid one.

After decking my baby out in a pair of my socks and buttoning up his coat against his will, we ran to the park in the rain.


No shit.

But he ran with a smile on his face.  He splashed in the puddles for 3.5 seconds, looked at the slide, down at his cold hands….

“I go.”

So, we left. Back to the car we went. No tears, no time lost or wasted, no big deal.

A new rainy day activity to add to my repitoire.  Maybe it won’t be my go-to activity, I’m still a lazy girl at heart. And on the surface, really.

It’s nice to have some options.

Daily Prompt: Stump

When Mr. Wallaby ran down the street that day

Why, not a soul in the town ever saw him that way!

He seemed quite disturbed, maybe even in fright

The look on his face, so pale, what a sight

The townspeople yelled “Mr. Wallaby, stop!”

But Mr. Wallaby did not give the idea one second thought

For he knew what he’d done would never be forgiven

He knew he must leave, a crime he committed.

A brief moment passed, all looking quite stumped

Why would Wallaby leave? What could he have done?

Then they looked down the road, where they saw him run from.

oh no! They all cried and they too turned to flee

For Wallaby had caused quite the melee.

You see

The town, it was magic, for one special tree

This tree, you see, stopped the shortage of bees!

It gave them a home, every single one!

The honey, bumble and carpenters ones!

The townspeople saw the tree, now  just a stump


what did Mr. Wallaby do?!


***that’s all my brain can do at almost 1am**


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